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Have you owned or leased a new or used Jaguar Land Rover diesel vehicle from January 2015 onwards?

If so, you could be entitled to claim £3,000 to £16,000 in compensation. To check your vehicle and receive a free legal assessment, click the button below.

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Claim Your Share in £3bn Action

A new group action seeks over £3bn on behalf of Jaguar Land Rover customers who purchased cars with defective components, including diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems. Over 500,000 new car owners may be eligible to make a claim, and hundreds of thousands of additional pre-owned car owners may also have claims. If the case is successful, claimants could receive between £3,000 and £16,000 each in compensation.

Our investigations reveal the vehicles are defective in their design and can cause significant on road safety and performance issues for drivers. The defects may also cause accelerated engine wear forcing customers to pay additional costs for servicing, including in some cases engine replacement.

This is a new problem, separate to the dieselgate scandal.

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If you purchased, financed, leased or owned a Jaguar Land Rover diesel vehicle (new or used) from January 2015 onwards, you may be eligible for compensation.

Check Your Eligibility in Seconds

Car owners are eligible to claim regardless of whether they bought the car new or pre-owned, and do not need to have had to take their car in for servicing due to the DPF issue or other defects. Those who have acquired their car through finance are also eligible.

Please enter your details on our eligibility checker and we will quickly confirm if we think your car is affected.

Eligible models

  • Range Rover (L405)
  • Range Rover Sport (L494)
  • Range Rover Evoque (L538 and L551)
  • Land Rover Discovery (L462)
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport (L550)
  • Land Rover Velar (L560)
  • Jaguar E-Pace (X540)
  • Jaguar F-Pace (X761)
  • Jaguar XE (X760)
  • Jaguar XF (X260)
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Experiencing Performance Issues With Your Car?

If you bought your vehicle after 1 October 2015, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (“CRA”) will apply. We say that the defective components, including the DPF, are a breach of certain mandatory standards contained within the CRA.

The self-help remedies available to you under the CRA will depend on when you purchased your vehicle.

Find out more in our FAQs here.


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